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Matthew Ferguson (Executive Director)
Allison Haliotis (Director of Communication)
Zach Stomel (Director of Finance)
Mark Sharp (Director of Outreach)
Donald Gallant (Director of Outreach)
Write-Ins will be accepted


Donald Gallant:

I am a 6 year DM vet, with 5 years of dancing (3 as an undergrad, one year as an alumni spirit dancer, and most recently as an alumni dancer) as well as serving 1 year as an Entertainment captain. Even the years I did not participate as an alum, I continued to donate and visit all students and alum during the marathon weekend. I haven’t missed one yet! What do I bring to the table? A level of compassion and innovative thinking that can contribute to expanding awareness and increase our fundraising efforts for years to come. I already have an idea I would like to bring to light whether I am elected to the position or not. I’m looking forward to contributing more to RUDM in years to come at a much larger capacity than before. FTK!


Matthew Ferguson:

Greetings DM’ers! In addition to being a supporter of DM since 2008 in my work as a professional staff member with Student Affairs at Rutgers, I also danced as a faculty/staff member in 2013 with my colleague (and candidate for the Outreach position) Mark Sharp. Similar to many of you, DM was a transformative experience for Mark and I, hence our desire to get more involved. If selected, it would be my intention to strategize with the board to engage more corporate entities and long-time supporters that may not technically identify as “Alumni” in the work of supporting RUDM. In addition, I would hope to establish an Advisory Board of past CPT and Executive Board members to create a more robust support network for current and future students to rely on and learn from. The current board had worked hard to increase outreach efforts, raise funds contributing to the record total and engage RUDM alumni. It would be an honor to continue their great work on behalf of RUDM. FTK4LIFE!


Mark Sharp:

Hello fellow DM alums! My name is Mark Sharp, some of you know me as the Student Center guy, others as Matt Ferguson’s (dance) partner. While my involvement in DM before and after our dance participation in 2013 has been limited to moral and technical support behind the scenes- my dedication #FTK is solid.

Before returning to Rutgers in 2007, I worked at the State Theater in downtown New Brunswick as the Director of Operations/Production organizing hundreds of concerts and events. Prior to the State Theater I organized National and International Tours for the Boys Choir of Harlem.   I’d like to put those event-planning skills to work for RUDM and expand on the current successful events to create more diverse opportunities for RUDM alumni engagement. At the end of the day more engagement means more money #FTK!


Zach Stomel:

Hello all. What an amazing 2016 Dance Marathon! I’m still blown away by the incredible work of everyone involved. I’m Zach Stomel. For those that don’t know me, I have been a huge proponent of DM since before my involvement. In 2012, I was involved as a captain on the finance team, and also on the catering team. In 2013 and 2014, I was the Assistant Director of Finance – Tracking. Since graduation, I have been working for a large vending and office coffee supply company. I work with the sales and marketing department to promote positive growth and analytics of accounts to increase sales. In addition, I am a licensed Realtor in the state of NJ, and have helped many clients find dream homes. Just like most of you involved with Dance Marathon, DM has had such a positive and influential impact on my life. Because of this, I am honored to be nominated for the Finance position. If selected, it is my intention to find strategies to double current fundraising efforts to contribute to the RUDM total. I’d like to maintain and increase partnerships that the current board has had so much success with, as well as expand and grow with new partners and donors. The current board has done an incredible job to increase funds raised for the marathon. I would love the opportunity to continue with their momentum, carry on their awesome work, and help contribute to RUDM Alumni and RUDM.


Allison Haliotis:

Hello fellow DM’ers! I’m Allison Haliotis (Class of 2013).  As an undergraduate, I held the positions of Committee Member, Captain of the RU4Kids Program and the position of Assistant Director of Recruitment for Residence Halls and mid-year took on the roll of Assistant Director of the RU4Kids Program/Embrace Kids Liaison.  Since graduation, I’ve worked at Marsh & McLennan Agency in Human Resources and Administration Department and most recently as an Associate Account Manager of the Farm & Ranch Division specializing in high-net worth clientele.  I work as a liaison every day between clients and insurance carriers to find the best solution to meet my client’s needs.

If selected, my objective would be to reconnect RUDMA with a greater network of DM alumni to help boost support and raise funds for RUDM.  Establishing partnerships in the community will assist in raising awareness for our cause and in turn, making events even more profitable and continuing the success of the RUDMA.  The creation of an Advisory Board would be essential to help establish greater support for RUDMA and assist in it’s continued success.  It’s truly an honor to be nominated for an RUDMA position and hope that together we will continue to embrace this culture of excellence.  FTK ALL DAY!