One of our main aims at RUDM Alumni is to strengthen and create bonds between our members. Each month we will highlight alum from near and far and show how Rutgers Dance Marathon has changed their lives. The first Alumna we have the pleasure to meet is Ashley Sam, Rutgers Class of 2013.

What was your involvement in DM?

For DM 2010 I was a Community Outreach captain working mostly with PR and media relations (and a bit of special event planning.) For DM 2011 I was the Assistant Director of Staff Relations on Volunteer Management and I oversaw the hiring and scheduling of all of our staff members. DM 2012 I was the Director of Community Outreach where I oversaw the RU4Kids Programs, Alumni and Parent Relations, Social Media, PR, and Special Events. DM 2013 I served as the Director of Volunteer Management where I oversaw the hiring and/or registration of all of our participants as well as their training, dancer relations stuff, HR stuff…aka ran the world.

What’s your favorite DM memory?

During DM 2012, the Community Outreach team worked with Athletics to involve the athletes at the Marathon and host games for the kids and students, which culminated with Eric Legrand speaking to the RU community. That was the beginning of a great partnership with Athletics that has helped to transform the Marathon and also provided great memories for both RU students and the kids that were there. It was great to see so many people coming together, see them participating in activities with their kids and it really helped to illustrate exactly what DM is all about.

What has DM done for you?

DM has taught me a lot of valuable life skills. I really grew as a person during my time with DM. I learned what it meant to work in a professional setting and the skills that I developed because of that (professional email etiquette, organization skills, project management, time management,, etc.,) have been invaluable to be post graduation. DM has also provided me with a support system unlike any other. Some of my biggest mentors and closest friends are DMers and their love and support throughout this past year have kept me strong during tough times.

What are you doing now?

Well… I have just started medical school at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. I am undecided on what field of medicine I want to pursue, but pediatrics is definitely on the table. I am also a member of the US Air Force Reserves. Though these things are going to keep me pretty busy I am going to do my best to attend DM alumni events, especially the events that allow us to see the kids (like Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

Many thanks to Ashley, we wish you all the best! #FTK