It’s time to meet the last member of the RUDMA Board, Nathan Weiss. Nathan is the current Executive Director, but has been involved with Rutgers Dance Marathon since 2009, as a part of the Recruitment team, and the Director of Recruitment in 2011.

What’s your best RUDM memory?

Easily, my best DM memory took place in 2010 while I was an AD on Recruitment. Holding up the cardboard exclamation point during closing ceremonies, I looked out into a mob of faces who were expressing a wide spectrum of emotions: happiness for completing the marathon, nervous anticipation if we were going to break the total, and obvious relief for being able to sit after 32 hours on our feet. After we were done revealing the total, regardless of how much pain everyone was in, there was not a person in the gym sitting down. The positive energy was contagious and with a cheek to cheek smile, I locked eyes with my fraternity. Those dedicated Chi Psi’s who were with me every minute of the marathon were holding up Johnny Volpe and cheering for the over $300k our community raised for many children and families we have never met, but we felt a deep connection with. I will never forget that feeling and vision of pure joy as it continues to fuel me every year I donate back to the cause.

What’s your favorite thing about RUDM?

My favorite thing about Dance Marathon is the fact that no matter what group or organization you were affiliated with at Rutgers, everyone was encouraged to become involved. Whether you were in a rival fraternity/sorority, on a different campus, or a young freshman just looking to give back to the community, everyone was brought together with a common purpose of donating to a cause that they believed in. I have forged many great memories, met countless lifelong friends, and learned valuable lessons all from this amazing organization. I cannot thank Rutgers Dance Marathon enough for everything it has given to me and for that reason I will continue to give back every year I am able.

What are you most excited for the 2015-2016 RUDMA Board?

I am most excited to see how much more of an impact the Alumni can make in the upcoming year. With every Marathon, the Alumni have a larger and more significant presence. This year we were able to raise nearly $20k and have more than 10 Alumni Dancers. This year, I am anticipating we surpass both of these numbers. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Thanks, Nathan! If you have any questions for Nathan or have any ideas, be sure to send him an email at