We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the RUDM Alumni Board, Matthew Mednick! Matt is the new Director of Finance and is looking forward to a great year. We sat down with Matt to talk about his Rutgers Dance Marathon experience and goals for the 2015-2016 year.

What was your Rutgers Dance Marathon involvement?

I was involved in RUDM all four years I attended Rutgers. I was hired my freshman year, for RUDM 2011, as a Recruitment Captain and midyear moved to the Catering team. My sophomore year, for RUDM 2012, I joined the CPT as an Assistant Director of Finance. I was fortunate to join the BOD as Director of Finance for RUDM 2013 for my junior year. I additionally served as Director of Finance for RUDM 2014 during my senior year.

What’s your best RUDM memory?

My best DM memory has to be announcing the total on stage my senior at the RAC! RUDM 2014 was the first DM at the RAC as well as the first year we raised more than $600,000. While my junior year announcing the total the College Ave Gym was incredibly exciting and memorable in its own right, the RAC was a totally unique and awesome venue for DM. I also was much more confident and overall able to enjoy DM Weekend my senior year as a returning Director.

What’s your  favorite part of Dance Marathon?

My favorite part of DM has to be opening and closing ceremonies. Over the course of the year as a CPT member, I oftentimes was unable to think of the complete picture while tracking in DonorDrive, sitting in 11 Bartlett for hours during canning weekends, or running concessions at football games. Opening and closing ceremonies at the Marathon are the two times with the most visitors, Embrace Kids’ families, Dancers, and Staff focused on the stage. Moments like that allow the big picture of the Marathon unifying Rutgers for a great cause to be clearest for me.

What’s most exciting about joining the RUDM Alumni board?

I am most excited to join RUDMA as Director of Finance to help raise even more funds and awareness FTK! As RUDMA grows and the alumni progress in their careers, RUDMA has the opportunity to increase corporate sponsorship of the Marathon as well as more formally capitalize on many companies’ matching gifts program. Tapping into the corporate sphere should help RUDMA raise over $20,000 FTK and hopefully even $25,000 for RUDM 2016.  Additionally, as I live in Hoboken, I would like to help plan an event that caters to alumni in the NYC area.

Thanks, Matt! We’re looking forward to a fantastic year with you on the team.

Have questions for Matt? Send him an email today at finance.rudma@gmail.com.