Hello, DMers! My name is Julia, and I am the Director of Communication for the RUDM Alumni 2015-2016 year. I run this site, write up all the posts, manage our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for those who need to follow us), and make sure you all know what you need to know. A little bit about me – I’ve been involved with Dance Marathon since DM 2009, and worked with Volunteer Management for most of my time.

What’s my best DM memory?

This one is tough…I remember dancing in my basement with the DMVM girls singing “Call Me Maybe,” doing the line dance while in a cast, kindly nicknamed “Reptar-m,” and standing on stage looking at the total for the last time (cue the tears). But my favorite memory is the creation of the DM chant that is still in use today. Fun DM history fact – our DM 2012 BOD sat at retreat for hours trying to think of something cute and fun, when Youna Cho (hey, girl!) basically came up with the entire thing in under a minute. I didn’t realize the chant was something that the team still did today, and when I found out, it made me so very happy!

What’s my favorite thing about DM?

The people. It’s amazing what a bunch of silly college kids can do.

What am I most excited for the 2015-2016 RUDMA year?

I’m really excited to continue to grow the organization and mold it into something that truly complements Rutgers Dance Marathon. You alumni are amazing people who are doing amazing things – we just need to figure out a way to channel that and funnel it all towards DM. If you have ideas, send me an email.

But really, send me an email, post on our Facebook page, send us a message, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re here to serve you, and make your ideas for DM and RUDMA come to life. Catch me at communication.rudma@gmail.com or rudmalum@gmail.com.