So, we might have a thing for the Ops team. We caught up with RUDM Alum Youna Cho, DM ’10-’12, to reminisce about her undergraduate days a part of Dance Marathon. Youna spent most of her time with the Operations team and was D.Ops. for RUDM 2012.

Describe your overall DM experience:

I applied to be a captain on a whim and soon it was all I talked about.  It’s an organization that has empowered me with all the tools to be anything from an event planner to a leader. It taught me the meaning of being a true volunteer – you are present emotionally, mentally and physically. RUDM showed me that I was capable of more than what I thought of myself.

What’s your favorite thing about DM?

I love that DM has something for every student. It’s such a diverse group of people who bring his or her own unique set of skills and interests to create an event that is never like the one from the previous year. Every year there’s different people involved that make those 32 hours (back in the day) so special and I look forward to those changes.

My favorite part of DM as an event is the very beginning when dancers roll into the gymnasium with excitement, curiosity, and wonder. It’s so energizing and gives you a real boost to kick off the weekend.

How has DM impacted your life?

The most valuable habit DM has ingrained in me is to always look at the full picture and understand that everything counts. I should always be happy to do an indirect step if it means that I can accomplish my end goal successfully. At my current career role, I’m constantly thinking back to the processes and lessons I learned from RUDM and aligning those with the projects I’m working on now. I can just hear Dean A saying, “I told you so!” I have the confidence and the professional skills to do just about anything because I have RUDM in my background.

What are you excited about for DM 2015?

I’m excited to hear the stories of everyone involved on how DM has impacted their lives. I think everyone has different takeaways from the DM experience whether you were a child, a parent, a volunteer, a visitor or a donor – and hearing the stories always bring you back to the happy place of why you are a part of RUDM. FTK!

Thank you, Youna, for sharing your unique experience!

Come see Youna and other RUDM Alumni at Rutgers Dance Marathon on April 11-12 at the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC). We are holding our annual RUDM Alumni meeting on Sunday, April 12 at 11:45am. See you all there!