We caught up with DM Alum Josh Denholtz to learn about his experience with Rutgers Dance Marathon. Josh was involved in RUDM from 2005-2010 (“and forever, really,” he says) and was Director of Operations.

Describe your overall experience:

Overall, through the years of DM I got to experience philanthropy, empowerment and socialization.  DM made me FTK and gave me an opportunity to give to the community and to appreciate the value of giving.  By progressing through a professional organization from the ground up to an event leader, I became empowered from high level operations and confidence in my professional skills.  And it was an incredibly socializing experience because I made my closet friends in life from Dance Marathon, including my fraternity whom I met at DM.

What’s your favorite thing about DM?

Thanks for such a difficult question which I absolutely want to answer “everything.” Retrospectively I think my favorite thing was the fact that it is entirely student run.  Nothing can be as good an educator as total responsibility, which we had as students involved with DM.  It was an excellent education and life experience to be able to rise and fall on nothing more than the merits of a diverse team and guidance from good advisers.

How has DM impacted your life?

Even as recently as the last 2 months, Dance Marathon has had a major impact on my life.  Recently I changed careers to enter an Operations Management position, and the majority of my relevant background came from my role as Director of Operations for DM 2010.  And I believe without Dance Marathon I never would have started this new job in this new career!

What are you excited about for DM 2015?

I’m most excited about the nostalgia of seeing old friends, old mentors and the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd when the total rises at the end of the event!
Thanks, Josh, for sharing your RUDM experience!
Rutgers Dance Marathon 2015 is Saturday & Sunday, April 11-12 at the Rutgers Athletic Center. RUDMA will hold a DM Alumni meeting on Sunday, the 12th. We hope to see you all there!