This RUDM Alumni spotlight is a little different. We talked with Carla Volpe, a parent from Embrace Kids, about her experience with RUDM. Carla’s son, Johnny, is a part of the RU4Kids program and matched with Chi Psi Fraternity.

When did you first learn about Dance Marathon?

Our first Dance Marathon was in 2010. We were introduced to DM by Randi Glassman Jaffe who was the family liaison for Embrace Kids.

What was your first DM like?

It was just an amazing experience. Johnny was in the hospital that day and really wanted to attend Dance Marathon. He was thankful that he made counts and was able to get out that day! We took him right from hospital to the College Avenue Gym where he saw his Chi Psi Brothers and other friends he made through Embrace Kids Foundation. He also spoke at the Magic 98.3 Radiothon for Embrace Kids.

As sick as he felt, he danced and had a blast and just loved being part of that day for a foundation that gave him hope and got him through his treatments. That day has placed a purpose in his life and has made him want to continue to give back to them and to the children who are battling cancer and other blood disorders. Every minute of every Dance Marathon through the years has given him strength just to experience the power of the dancers and what they do FTK! Thank you all for all you do.

What’s your favorite thing about DM?

My favorite thing about DM is the family hours and being able to connect with the families we have grown to call our family.

What are you most excited about for DM 2015?

In DM 2015, we are most looking forward to supporting RUDM Alumni and the RUDM 2015 Dancers and just showing them all how much we appreciate what they do!

Thank you, Carla, for sharing your story! You can visit with Carla and her family at Rutgers Dance Marathon on April 11 & 12 at the Rutgers Athletic Center.

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RUDM Alumni will hold the annual meeting on Sunday, April 12 at 11:45am. All are welcome!