We’re back with RUDM Alumni Arielle Bernstein, DM 2008-2010, who told us about her experience as a part of the Entertainment and Volunteer Management teams, as well as a counselor for the Summer Sibling program. Arielle has had a truly well rounded experience, from dancing to working at Embrace Kids. Here’s her story.

Dance Marathon was the most important part of my college career.

From the very beginning, I was in love with everything about it. It became my personal mission to get everyone around me as excited about the Marathon as I was. To this day, I truly believe it is the best thing Rutgers University has to offer a student. There are so many diverse students who participate, and it’s all FTK – dedicated to families who so desperately need our support.

After graduating, I pursued a career that involved helping people. I’ve been doing that ever since, and cannot foresee a time in my future that I will not be doing so.

RUDM is the most amazing thing a Rutgers student can do at any level – whether you dance, are involved with the Board of Directors, or simply make a donation. What it comes down to at the end of the weekend is that these students have enriched the lives of children with cancer, no matter their participation level.

Since my final year on the CPT, seeing the total revealed at the end of the weekend has been the most rewarding moment for me, because it reminds me that my friends and I, and all who came before us, were able to accomplish so much that has set the groundwork for where DM is today.

Thank you, Arielle, for sharing with us! We can’t wait to see Arielle and other RUDM AlumniĀ at Rutgers Dance Marathon on April 11-12 at the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC). We are holding our annual RUDM Alumni meeting on Sunday, April 12 at 11:45am. See you all there!

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